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8th annual Academy of Texas Music Awards
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Texas Music Awards return to Linden

LINDEN, TX – The Academy of Texas Music, Inc. Board of Directors has named Linden, Texas as the host city for the 9th annual Texas Music Awards on Saturday, July 9th, 2011.

The show will take place at the Academy of Texas Music World Headquarters Building, currently under renovation at 301 E. Houston in Linden.

Many people know the building as the old Methodist Church and the building has been vacant for a number of years, but the Academy of Texas Music, Inc. acquired the building in late 2009 in an agreement with the Cass County Conservancy for the specific purpose of creating a destination for Texas music fans.

Lucky Boyd, the show's director explains, "Due to circumstances beyond our control, negotiations with the original desired venue did not work out, so the board of directors decided to look at bringing the show back to Linden.  It was decided to blaze forward with the building renovation, which will be a long, arduous task (taking several years) requiring enormous amounts of community support. 

"We want the community to be involved because we know how much it will benefit Linden's eventual goals of becoming a major musical marketplace.  The building, however, will belong to all of Texas and we know that Texas musicians and fans alike from all over the state will be involved in the exciting growth process."

The Texas Music Awards were held at the Music City Texas Theater in 2006 and 2007.  Boyd says those two shows were fantastic and it will feel much like coming home when the show returns to Linden.

The show, presented by Northeast Texas-based, the retail partner of the show’s production company, Payline Productions, presents awards to independent Texas performers in several categories.

The annual event also serves as a fundraiser for the non-profit Academy of Texas Music, Inc. which seeks sponsorships and donations to further its efforts toward music education programs, scholarships, recognition projects, and benevolence programs for musicians in need.

Jinelle Boyd, Executive Director of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc. and co-founder of the Texas Music Awards remarks on the quality of the show, ”These are some of the greatest performers in Texas.  We had been faced with not having a show this year due to the economy and other factors.  But, we felt the nominees deserved the best show we could give them, even if it meant putting it all in a small space like the Academy building."

Boyd says the seating capacity in the Academy building is quite a bit smaller than any other venue from the past shows, but there are ways around that obstacle, including presenting the show in segments during an all day event.

Several levels of sponsorship and involvement will be available for the 9th annual awards show.  Volunteers and financial supporters are needed as the preparation of the building hastens to house the July show.

Boyd remarked, “The sponsorship packages are a fantastic marketing opportunity to a target audience. They are designed to meet the needs of a vast array of potential sponsors – families, individuals, clubs, small businesses, and large corporations.

"The 501(c)3 Academy of Texas Music, Inc. relies on partnerships with sponsors to help continue the Academy’s mission. We are very grateful to our sponsors who signed on early this year, and encourage anyone who wishes to support such a wonderful cause to join our family.”

The Academy building, when finished, will house a 175-seat concert hall, a gift shop, a small museum and library devoted to Texas music, a recording studio, a rehearsal hall, and lodging for touring musicians.  There will also be an interactive training space in the venue that will benefit the community in many ways, Boyd said.

Because of the small size of the venue, sponsorship will be the best way to get tickets.  Boyd says there may be very few, if any, tickets available to the general public, and additional events are being considered surrounding the show that will allow fans to enjoy the experience of Texas music.

A list of the 2011 nominees and more information can be found online at



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