2003 Texas Music Awards
The Inaugural Year
Musical Awards

Record of the Year
"I've Been Everywhere (in Texas)"
Brian Burns

Female Vocalist
of the Year
Stevie MuRee
(Beryl Grady)

Male Vocalist of the Year
J.D. Faron

Album of the Year

of the Year
Rodney Pyeatt

Song of the Year
"Small Town"
Ty Phillips

Rising Star Award
Hayes Carll
Entertainer of the Year
Smokey Wilson
Industry and Technical  Awards
Producer of the Year
Clayton Ryder
(Ty Phillips)
Founder's Awards
Palmwood Awards MyTexan Awards
Jamie Burrell
Bea McKinney
John Moen
Shake Russell
Joan Werth
Melissa Adams
Theodore Henning
Stephen Jamail
April Kelly
Mark Zeus